Saturday, June 1, 2013

This week in one of my classes I got the chance to listen to a talk by Jan Newman. I was impressed by the advice his Calculus teacher gave them one day after finishing up his lecture. He said something like this:  Some of you may make a lot of money in  your lives, and may think that is what the Lord wants you to do to help build up the kingdom. But really, you are wrong. What he really wants you to do is your Home Teaching...

I think sometimes we think we need to do great and important things to build up the Kingdom of God like earn lots of money, or have a prestigious job or company where everyone knows you are a Mormon. God requires from us a willing heart and mind, and a desire to do his work. We don't need to be Bishops, or Relief Society Presidents to make a difference in the kingdom. We need to be good visiting teachers. Good Home Teachers. Good neighbors.

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